Budo Group is a technology-forward, multi-strategy trading firm. Utilizing its key 106J assets on both the CME and CBOT, as well as access to NYMEX, COMEX and international markets, the founding partners are building a turnkey environment and entrepreneurial culture for talented traders and teams. Keen yet insightful risk management is the founding pillar on which partner capital is deployed.

Budo is a proven PNL accelerator for individuals and teams focused on futures and/or options on the S&P complex, Eurodollars, Treasuries, Grains, Softs, Oil, Metals as well as many international asset classes, thanks to its robust technology, capital, back- and middle-office support, clearing relationships and member rates.

Budo supports traders who pursue opportunities across multiple asset classes and exchanges.

Our mission is to create an environment where traders are free to pursue their strategies without the hassle, distraction and frustration of running a complex trading business.

By encouraging our teams to focus solely on trading, we accelerate PNL through our insightful risk management, optimal operational, HR and compliance support, and advanced technology infrastructure.

We make and take markets across a variety of asset classes. This diversity enables Budo to adapt quickly to changing economic conditions and capitalize on short- and long-term market opportunities.

what we stand for
Your trade is exactly that: yours. Managers do not trade, nor will they ever. This prevents conflicting interests between management and partner-traders, and proper allocation of capital for those teams with whom we work.

This is a relatively uncommon approach in this business. We are singularly dedicated to supporting and growing strategies, not co-opting them.
There are no shortcuts to success and the competitive landscape changes rapidly. To compete and excel, our partners rely on management’s varied trading expertise and continuous investment in cutting-edge technology.
Our traders are our partners. We do not succeed unless they do, so we work on their behalf to create the sustainable long-term competitive advantages that come from continuous technological and capital reinvestment.
We believe people work best and achieve the most when there is a trusted partner to rely on. The founders of Budo cultivate that trust and embrace that partnership in every single interaction. Your ability to succeed and drive profits improves with our dedicated support and tireless attention to your needs as a Budo team member.
We stand by the deals we strike with individuals and teams. Out of respect and confidentiality for our team members, we do not share information across groups or individuals. On this principle we are building a foundation of mutual respect and trust.
budo difference
Capital. Risk Management. Compliance. Technology. To be competitive in the industry, many moving parts need to fall in line.

Our true strength lies in our entrepreneurial spirit — one we share with each partner-trader here. We look for unique opportunities to exhibit our founding principles - integrity, confidence, commitment - by growing strategies and pushing into new exchanges.

Technology has proven to be the strongest core competency that defines our value to our trading teams. Thus, we own our technology to eliminate vendor-risk and guarantee the stringent demands of our low-latency strategies are exceeded.

Our data-center footprint extends throughout North America into European and Asian markets for worldwide access. Furthermore, we are software-agnostic. Our teams utilize both third-party and proprietary software solutions to trade every asset class.

Our mission is to provide capital, risk management, accounting, compliance and technology services so traders can focus on what they do best. To that end, we strive to foster constructive discussion between management and our partner-traders to create a culture of shared risk, shared reward.

Budo Group offers flexible, customized financial backing programs for experienced individuals and teams who aim to build their own business within our infrastructure. We offer competitive compensation packages based on risk capital needs and will reinvest alongside you as your grow your trade. You also have the flexibility to work from anywhere – floor, office or home.
Budo has a state-of-the-art 10G connectivity to all major datacenters in US, Europe and Asia. We provide Direct Market Access and Exchange Connectivity to the largest exchanges around the world. We also build custom servers and desktops as our most speed-sensitive clients demand.

Features of Budo’s technology environment:

  • Limitless Exchange Colocation with Redundant Power
  • Raw and Consolidated Market Data
  • Ultra-Low-Latency Feed Handlers
  • Packet Capture Data (for compliance, back-testing and trade attribution)
  • Cloud Backup/Disaster Recovery
  • Network Monitoring and 24/7 Technical Support
  • Customized Hardware

We are constantly seeking experienced traders with a proven track record. The successful candidate will run his/her own business within our environment, working closely with risk management and founding partners to accelerate strategy PNL and reach new markets. Traders will have access to the firm’s balance sheet, customized technology and deep brokerage and clearing relationships.
Budo Group welcomes experienced trading teams to join our organization. We seek entrepreneurial strategies that want the chance to grow and thrive within the stability of and utilizing the resources at an established firm.
The responsibilities of a technologist within a trading firm are broad. We encourage applicants to shed their previous experiences as “specialists” in exchange for the opportunity to embrace a role full of latitude and opportunity.

Technical skills desired are as follows: 
  • Skills in Local Area Network (LAN) & Area Network (WAN) design and administration
  • Solid understanding and proficiency of routing protocols such as OSPF, BGP, RIP, Route-maps & Policy based routing
  • Solid understanding of multicast theory (PIM, IGMP, Anycast) and proficient at multicast troubleshooting
  • Network Security (Firewalls and ASAs) design and administration, including client VPN and site to site VPNs
  • Installation, administration and optimization of windows and linux servers
  • Active Directory administration experience
  • Level 3 support and troubleshooting skills on WAN and LAN
  • Monitoring skills and packet analysis
  • Familiarity with tools such as tcpdump, Wireshark and Port spanning
  • Experience in managing telecommunications vendors
  • Familiar with trading desk support and trading application requirements
  • Preferable to have programming background in PowerShell, Python, Shell, etc.
Your role will focus on analysis, design, implementation, testing and delivery of trading systems using the latest technologies. A logical approach to technology solutions and working well with a motivated team will be required. The successful candidate will be given major responsibility and oversee the technical side of the trading group.  

  • Expert Level Experience with C or C++ on a multithreaded system in a Linux Environment.
  • Understanding of Python and Java a plus.
  • Deep understanding of data structures and object oriented design.
  • Experience building or managing low latency trading systems with a strong understanding of low level aspects such as the hardware stack, kernel bypass and other hardware architecture aspects.
  • Strong understanding of network protocols.
  • Strong understanding of benchmarking and performance testing software.
  • Experience with trading protocols such as ITCH, FIX, Ouch, Etc…
  • Experience working with Trading Strategists and Traders highly desirable.
  • Experience with third party libraries for market data and exchange execution systems desirable.
  • Knowledge of operating system internals as well as SolarFlare OnLoad.
  • Strong Analytical background and problem solving skills.
  • A passion for technology and trading strategy.
  • Excellent communication skills and comfort working in a small team environment.
  • Startup mentality and drive to small with a new and growing team.
  • B.S. in Computer Science and or Computer Engineering or equivalent.

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